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If you aren’t sure the Healthcare Insurance crisis is mounting in America, you may want to review the following links:

In 2019 by the Kaiser Family Foundation found 31% of covered workers in small firms where the employer pays the entire premium for single coverage compared to only 5% of covered workers in large firms. Additionally, 35% of covered workers in small firms are in a plan where they must contribute more than one-half of the premium for family coverage, compared to 6% of covered workers in large firms. Reference:

Additionally, Kaiser Family Foundation found in 2019 (, the average annual premiums are $7,188 for single coverage and $20,576 for family coverage. The average premium for single coverage increased by 4% since 2018 and the average premium for family coverage increased by 5%. The average family premium has increased 54% since 2009 and 22% since 2014. The 2020 research should be completed later this month for reference.

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