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Life happens in the least expected ways.

Indigo advocates for healthcare security.  

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Partnering with chambers, associations and other nonprofit organizations, Indigo Care Partners offers advocacy, education, and resources to those struggling with healthcare challenges.


It's no secret that healthcare is expensive and the healthcare system is difficult to navigate. Many people can no longer afford healthcare and are not able to get the medical attention they need.


With healthcare equity and holistic well-being for all at the heart of our mission, Indigo strives to provide resources to those in need.

Healthcare Security

Learn more about resources available and how your organization can help.

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Healthcare should not be considered a luxury. No one should have to delay or avoid medical care because of expensive premiums and services or an overly complicated healthcare system.  An accident or unexpected illness can be devastating to a family, and it's hard to know what to do!

Need help?  Indigo is here for you!

Resources are available...

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Indigo Makes A Difference

Want to help?  Give a little of your time as a resource for children, families, and hard-working Americans who are falling through the Healthcare Safety Net.

Take a moment to see how you can get involved. 

Education ~ Advocacy ~ Options

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